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Detroit, MI, USA

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for being supportive of my journey by always encouraging me to follow my heart and seek my passion.

Thank you to my children for being my motivation to DO and BE better.

Thank you to my late parents. I am who I am, experienced what I did, and created what I wanted because of you!

Thank you to my BEST friend, Patrick Garth for teaching me that nothing is impossible, no dream is too big, and that no idea is too crazy.

Thank you to all my BESTIES  for staying up late listening to my BIG ideas.

Thank you to my loving family including the Edwards’ family.

Special thank you to Jen “j3N” Dickens for working with me to birth my passion! The website speaks for itself!

Thoughts are made to be birthed!
Ideas are made to be explored!
Dreams are made to come true!
You deserve to be YOU!

My Story

I went from welfare-to-work; from high school dropout to doctoral degree; survived childhood abuse; transitioned to my passion and purpose - to inspire, educate, and motivate others.



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Inspire, Educate & Motivate